23. Nov, 2019

Just Spotted Another Challenge

You know that I’m going for numbers this month and realised that I’d found 192 caches so far in November. I remembered that jazzyjessups had a challenge cache down in Kent needing 300 caches in a month to qualify. I knew that I wasn’t going to have a better chance than this so decided that it was going to be foot down for the rest of the month.

I had a couple of hours to myself this afternoon and normally I would have thought of going down to Roots Hall to watch the Shrimpers. However, I am not a fan of self inflicted torture so decided to go caching instead.

A cacher from Grays had put a linear series of trad drive-bys down the A128 followed by a Bonus so this was an ideal opportunity. There were few problems with the trads and the coords for the bonus was plotted. However, the final was on the other side of the Orsett Cock roundabout on the A128. This was closed all weekend for road works so definitely to be avoided at all costs so this will have to wait.

Instead I drove through Orsett Village and out on to Bulphan Fen for the well placed Fun On The Fen. So I had gathered up nine trads and reached the grand total of 201. Finger posts crossed now!

9 Traditional