24. Nov, 2019

No Toot In Toot Hill

This would be my normal Geocaching morning and yesterday‘s little outing was a welcome bonus. I needed numbers in a short amount of time but didn’t want to go down into Kent because of those road works on the A13. There was short linear group of trads out near Chipping Ongar which was part of the revival of the sadly archIved Essex Way series so that would be the basis of the morning.

It’s so dark in the mornings now with dawn happening about 0730 but I still have to be home for 1000.🤔 So I set off to give me enough time to find a few in the dark and get to the trads for dawn. 

First off was a mystery at the CM in Sawyers Hall Lane in Brentwood. I was a bit miffed to find that I’d left my torch at home so would have to rely on the light from my phone.🙁 Luckily I felt the cache before I saw it so all was ok.

The next cache on my list was one of the I Do Like A C&D series of trads up in High Ongar. C&Ds were just what I needed so I’d worked some of these into the morning’s plan. Unfortunately I had a DNF here but I was near enough to Fyfield to have another try at The Free Church multi. I had DNFed here before but it was obvious where the final was. It was MIA last time and I had noted that jazzyjessups had replaced it (with permission) so I collected the cache without even consulting the phone.😀

I drove down to Stanford Rivers and then up to Toot Hill picking up two more of the C&D series. I now knew what to expect with this series.😀 I arrived at the trailhead for the Essex Way about 0745, later than I’d hoped. Now what to wear, trainers, boots or wellies? I plumped for wellies, what genius! It took me a while to find the Letterbox 9.5 The Essex Way Revived and I carried on up the track until I got to the Water Tower. Now this would be an ideal spot for one of the WT series of caches ut it’s a bit far away for me to maintain.🤔

I then got on to the footpath for 8a, 8b, 8c and 8d. I hadn’t seen so much mud for ages, the farm vehicles had really been ploughing (no pun intended) and anything else but wellies or even waders would have been a disaster. I found all the cleverly placed caches and then yomped back to the car.

Once I was ready to go, I decided that I only had time for some more of the C&D series. I worked my way up into Garnon Bushes, the old Toll House near Pretloves Removals, then into Epping and out up into Epping Green. The last cache was adjacent to the M11 at Harlow so it was time to hit the road Jack.

1 Letterbox, 1 Multi, 1 Mystery 11 Traditional