26. Nov, 2019

Mayhem In Meldreth

Boy, did I have a long list for today! I’d worked out a route to give me maximum numbers so would be tramping the roads and footpaths around Meldreth and Outwell in Cambridgeshire. The 40 trad Meldreth Mashup was intertwined with the 28 trad Outwell Outback and there were some series caches intermingled with those.

So there I was at the War Memorial in Shepreth at 0713 in the dark picking up my first cache of the day. On the way into Meldreth, I picked up the LB and Red Phone Box Meldreth but failed at the VS.🤔 I parked up opposite the church and got myself ready for the trek. So set off and it did turn into a real trek. I made a mistake late on so had to yomp through mud of epic proportions. My boots must have been carrying an extra five pounds each.☹️

I completed all the trads and added the multi LB at Whaddon plus the trads at Leaden Hill and Meridian Sphere (I was pleased to visit the meridian line here) and then the mystery Congratulations rilk. The only cache that eluded me was the mystery Congratulations MaryQOS. I finished off with the CM in Meldreth which was tight opposite the car, that was nice.🤔

After a pleasant lunch, I did a series of drive bys. First up was Congratulations Pebbles&Co, then some trads on the way to the War Memorial multi at 323rd Squadron at Bassingbourn. This was way off the beaten track but you could see the runway path easy enough. I had time for the trad Poppies on Parade and then the multi WM in Arrington & Wimpole.

Now this was a strenuous day but I added enough caches to the list to get close to 300 caches in a month for my Challenge. I did 26,969 steps on the day.


2 Mystery 3 Multi 79 Traditional