28. Nov, 2019

Two More

I was in Chelmsford for a lunch meeting with my old mate Paul who I started work with in September 1965. As usual, I parked at his house in Roxwell Road and we walked into the city (I almost wrote, town) through the parks. We lunch in the Coop restaurant where you can get a huge  roast dinner and a coffee for a tenner.

Now Paul doesn‘t mind me looking for caches when we are out so we left the restaurant after putting the world to rights and wandered down the road to the mystery CM Chelmsford - Ebenezer Baptist. Now this is a jigidi puzzle and I explained to Paul what that was about. When we got to the final, I gave him the hint and he said “how about there.” I’ll make a geocacher of him yet.😀

On the way back to Roxwell Road, we had to pass a pub with an adjacent cache - The Royal Steamer. It has always been to busy here to try for the cache but today, conditions were perfect. I did the honours this time and the signed trad was soon back in its resting place. There was an inspection cover from an old Chelmsford foundry nearby.


1 Traditional 1 Mystery