29. Nov, 2019

FTF that’ll do nicely

Now I am not an FTF chaser as I like to find caches when it suits my purpose. So when the trad Anyone For Tennis was published not 500 yards from my house, I didn’t immediately run out of the door. I did check whether I needed it for a Challenge though, but I didn’t.🤔

However, nobody was bothered by this particular FTF and remained unfound and unloved for two days until I took pity on it. I dropped my daughter off at the railway station and parked up near the park to walk the short distance for the cache.

Now this cache was particularly cunning but I had soon signed the log sheet and claimed my prize. Now my theory is that the usual FTF hunters came for this and couldn’t find it but didn’t want to advertise the fact. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. New balls, please!🤣


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