3. Dec, 2019

Cellular Mutation Re-Visited

After I had completed another one of the Cellular Mutation Challenges last week, I decided to work out what I need to complete the remaining two of the series. 

For #3, at least 50 finds in 25 cells, I had covered 23 cells so needed one 3.5/1.5 and three 2.5/3 caches to qualify and for #4, which was at least 100 finds in 20 cells, I had covered 19 cells and needed about fifty finds in any one of 3 or 4 cells to qualify. So I hatched a plan of action to qualify for #3 and make a dent in #4.

I used the filters on the official site and decided that the Wicken Walkies series of trads in Cambridgeshire would useful with its 22 1.5/3 caches and one 2.5/3. So I searched for more caches that would complete #3. I decided to make Sudbury my first port of call as it had a Cafe Nero there that would do for breakfast.

There was also a 3.5/1.5 in Great Cornard just south of Sudbury and there were two 2.5/3 in the Hartest and Boxted Circular series about ten miles north which would do nicely. If the former was a DNF, there was another 3.5/1.5 at the RST - Newmarket All Saints Station as a backup. Wicken was a few miles north of Newmarket so there was the basis of my plan for the day.

So I was up early and after scraping the ice off the car, I set off in the dark up the A130 and A12 to Colchester and then headed north at Eight Ash Green. I got to Great Cornard and decided to swerve this one as it was still dark and the lane was very narrow. I helped them open the doors at the coffee shop and after breakfast, continued north.

When I reached Hartest, dawn was breaking and parked up near the VS, realising that I had been hear before. I set off for #7 and had a quick find as the cache had rolled out into the open from its hidey hole. #6 was eventually found but the cache was sodden so I put an improvised log sheet in by using a wet wipe packet.๐Ÿ˜€

With Newmarket next up, I checked my list and there was another 2.5/3 on the way in Whepstead. I found the trad at the Baptist CM and then set off for my target at CM St Petronilla’s. Now I had the 2.5/3s so off to Newmarket but as I passed through Ousden I saw a splendid church so stopped to check if I’d missed a CM. There wasn’t one but there was a VS, so silly not to.๐Ÿค”

I pulled up near the RST and quickly found the cleverly place cache. I’d never been to the home of horse racing before so decided to see what was about. I managed to park up at the top of the hill going west near a huge monument. Luckily there was a trad here commemorating Sir Daniel Cooper Bart. 

I walked down into town noting another Cafe Nero and some fine items of street furniture including an ornate cast iron stench pipe. I picked a 1/1 at A Show Fit For A King at the Kings Theatre, then 3 trad CMs, 2 Multi CMs and a 3/1.5 WM before celebrating with a small Americano, cold milk on the side, John.๐Ÿ˜€

With Cellular Mutation #3 sorted, it was time to concentrate on #4 so headed north to Wicken. After parking up and getting ready for the walk, I set off down the footpath and out of the village into the countryside on the circular walk. I didn’t have too many problems with the caches on the first part of the series apart from #6 which was a real git due to cachers creep.

After #11, I decided to deviate to LB Mill Drove, Soham which was a 3/2 trad where there was a troll evidently.๐Ÿค” I had to cross a waterlogged potato field and a railway line to get there and made a quick find of the camouflaged bag but no troll. What I didn’t realise was that this was a field puzzle comprising of one of these “magic” wooden boxes with seemingly no means of access. I admit that I struggled but eventually beat the box. I had to award a fave as I’d never come across one of these before.

I retraced my muddy steps and got back to the series. I added #14 to my list of 2.5/3s and then deviated to pick the trad ratty (I still don‘t like these even though they are plastic๐Ÿ€) and the very clever ..went a courting trad which made me chuckle enough to earn a fave point. After quickly finding the a bit different A Bit Different trad, I got back on track with the series with few problems until the last one #23.๐Ÿ™

This was a very clever placement and almost had me beat even though I had quickly found one of this type last week. However this had a very clever enhancement which I’d never seen before and certainly added to the fun. This also had to have a fave.

So I had now added another 22 1.5/3s to the tally and finished off the day with the multi VS and the EC WM in the village. After a coffee from the flask that I had forgotten that I’d brought with me and a chocolate bar, it was time to head for home. I’d arrive home in the dark but I’d had a great day.