7. Dec, 2019

110 Silhouettes in Swanley

I set off for Swanley this morning armed with a very short list as I’d only have about an hour or so before I had to head back for home. Unfortunately there was a lot of sadness at some of the caches that I found.

My first port of call was the 3.5/1 multi WM in Swanley and the concept certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. The council had gained a Heritage Lottery grant to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice of WW1. They had erected a five feet high stainless steel silhouette of every local service man who had died in that conflict. However there were 110 of them.☹️ Such a large number for such a small town and unfortunately there were a lot of surnames that were the same.

After I had explored the memorials and found the cache, I walked up the road to the multi CM at Swanley - Apostles. This was another clever idea but no joy in the search area. I walked back to the car and set upon a series of drive bys of the Swanley Orbital Series (SOS). I found the trads #68 and #67, the mystery #66, the trad #65 was missing (I sound like a dentist😀) but I forgot about #65.🤔 I drove towards Ruxley and picked up #37 and #38 before I set about the final cache of the day.

Whilst I was in Swanley, I walked down to St Mary the Virgin for the Letterbox cache. It had been set by the prolific local cacher jazzyjessups. I quickly became aware that it was a memorial to a female family member and judging by the age, I guessed that she was Andrew’s wife. It seems odd but I felt close to the family although I had never met them. Rest In Peace, Eileen.

The cache had been placed over a mile away and I didn’t think I could get close to it. However, I managed to park up a dirt track and walk around the outside of a muddy field to the search area. I had a quick find of the cunningly placed cache but some of the problems with recent DNFs may have been that the tree was not the correct species.

1 Letterbox 1 Multi 1 Mystery 4 Traditional