29. Dec, 2019

River Wid No Flood

I had hoped to try the JJ’s MISSION series out last week but the River Wid was in danger of flooding so I gave it a swerve. It was a good job that I did as a local told me this morning that the bridge in the photo was under a foot of water last week.🤔

I parked up at dawn in the car park at the front of the church in Widford. I crossed the road by the Indian restaurant to get to the first cache of the series. I always remember this restaurant as the former Sir Evelyn Wood pub.

Field Marshall Sir Henry Evelyn Wood VC was born in Cressing near Braintree in 1838 and won the highest award for valour during the Indian Mutiny in October 1858. He died in Harlow in 1918.

I started the series with a DNF as I couldn’t find Dragon Teeth but I did spot the WW2 anti tank blocks so all was not lost lost. It was much easier at #2 Show Me The Way though and I set off across the muddy field towards the railway line. Having crossed the railway bridge, I started looking for #3 Tee Off. However with the hint being ICT when there was a line of ICTs here, I gave it ten mins and then called it a day. 

I had few problems with #4 Barrel of Laughs though and I discovered three TBs here. I don’t pick them up and move them on after falling foul of self appointed TB “police” on FaceBook after logging some TBs after picking them up at the Aberdeen Mega.🤬

I was now walking along the river bank and quickly picked up #5 to #7 but decided that due to time constraints, I’d have to miss out some of the series. I was back on track at #10 and carried on to the end of the line at #12. I’ll come back for the others some other time.

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