31. Dec, 2019

NYE Event

Being the last day of the year, Groundspeak have kindly produced another souvenir for us all. As usual with these Last and First souvenir, the qualification is finding a cache or attending an event so when Gilly of Bean&Sprout fame announced that she was holding a 2019 - The End Of The Decade Event in Tillingham, I knew how I would gain the souvenir.

I got to the venue early which was lucky as they had messed up the booking an thought that there was a party of 12 coming in at 2000 tonight for a NYE bash.🤔 They hadn’t prepared us so quickly started getting organised. 

The event was very busy with mainly old faces but a few new ones to join the throng. I chatted to happileigh and Mathsnut about the lack of events locally and perhaps we could do more if we found a suitable venue. This idea went down well and later on that day,I received an invite to a local cachers WhatsApp group. 

Now we have a Village Hall Event booked for Leigh-On-Sea at the end of the month. An Essex Cachers Meet booked for May and I’m awaiting permission from the local Council to host CITOs. It’s all coming to plan.😀 

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