5. Jan, 2020

Just One But Very Productive

As usual, I am working on a challenge cache. This one is a 15 day streak but we have to find 8 different icons during the streak including a Wherigo, a CM, a Mystery and a Challenge Cache. So today’s plan is to travel out and find some of the icons but not claim them so I can get ”all my ducks in a row” before attempting the challenge.

I found a few of the “ducks” and decided that I should claim one of the two Multis that I found and that was the very clever Has AnyOne Seen Lucy in Eastwood near Southend Airport. Now I had never seen one like this before. At stage one, I found the cache which held a pile of scratch cards and each card gave the coords to the final.🤔

I’ve got a week coming up in the Isle of Wight at the end of the month which is handy.  The IoW is one of the two English geocaching counties that I need, the other being Greater Manchester. I can also start the streak as I already have plans for the Traditional, Multi, CM and Earthcache around Bembridge. Wish me luck.

1 Multi