7. Jan, 2020


As you know, I‘m always working on a challenge cache or two, or six or a dozen.🤔 There’s a series of challenge caches down near Crockenhill in Kent set by the maestro jazzyjessups called Cellular Mutation Challenge that I have been working towards for a very long time.

There are five in the series and I need #4, a 5/4 to complete the set. The plot is easy enough to follow - collect a certain amount of caches in a specific number of cells in the D/T grids. I recently completed 50 caches in 25 cells for #3 but I need to collect 100 caches in at least 20 cells for #4. I have filled in 19 cells and the nearest cell that I have to 100 is 1.5/3 but I only have 74 here.🤔

So I am concentrating on 1.5/3 caches and I spotted a lovely little series of 25 1.5/3s called SVFX in Doddington, Kent that would do very nicely. All I needed was another and I’d be home and dry.🤔 I located a likely candidate down the road in Stockbury at the trad Fort Micro #19 (Stockbury Castle) and had a quick find here but failed to find the nearby CM. I did, however, pick the jigidi mystery Stockbury.

With one under my belt, I parked up in Doddington and eagerly walked over to SVFX 1 only to find that it was missing.🤬🤬 Well that had put the tin hat on the day but while I was here, I might as well carry on. Over the next four hours of meandering paths, tracks and roads, I found all the rest of the series, a combination of trads and multis but not #22.🙁 I also picked up the VS Doddington trad and the 2 VS Doddington multis and the CM trad on the hill. However, I still only had 98 1.5/3s.

Once I had made it back to the car, I had lunch and decided which would be the best route home. This would pass through Bredgar and I stopped on route to collect the trad Bredgar Church and the mystery VS but unfortunately failed at the CM multi although I’m convinced that I was in the right place. It was now time for home and luckily the Dartford Tunnel was kind to me.

Mystery 2 Multi 8 Traditional 21