11. Jan, 2020

Longfield Hill Loop Part 2

Hurrah, the days are now getting longer.πŸ˜€ It‘s been lighter in the afternoon for a week or so now but from today the mornings are getting lighter earlier too. Only by a minute so each day but it gives me more caching time at the weekend.

I thought that I would celebrate this by popping down to Longfield Hill in Kent to do some more of the Longfield Hill Loop series. Now Hartley Bottom Road runs down the centre of the circular series and there is probably only one parking space along the whole length. However as I crossed the railway bridge just before dawn, I saw an SUV pull into the space.🀬 I had to drive down a couple miles to find somewhere to turn round and the SUV was still there on the way back.🀬 I had to park up in the village so I’d lost probably 20 mins of my allotted time.

I had to make the best of it so I walked downhill down Manor Road to the trad View Over Orange Hill but despite a specific hint, the cache was missing. I’m not doing too well.πŸ€” At the junction, I turned into Hartley Bottom Road and made my way up to the footpath. The going was dry and I made short work of LHL28 which was amazingly a 1.5/3.πŸ‘πŸ»

The path was getting steeper but I strode up the hill making short work of LHL27, a very well hidden 2.5/2.5 Regular cache. I was now on a plateau crossing a field of grazing sheep up to #26 which was hanging in a Holly bush. As I’d lost so much time, I decided to leave the rest of the LHL series for another day and strike north through the woods back towards the village. 

I quickly found Hartley hidey-hole but swerved the 2.5/5 Students! as I didn’t have the time, equipment or the inclination for a tree climb. I crossed the railway line at the level crossing and in my haste overshot Railway Crossing -Toot Toot. I doubled back for a quick find and then set off north to Path To The Trains - Toot Toot. This was tricky but once the GPS settled I soon had the cache to hand.

I was seriously running out of time but on my way back to the village, I made a short detour to the railway bridge in Hartley Bottom Road to gather the info for the Wave To The Trains - Toot Toot multi.

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