16. Jan, 2020


It’s Tuesday so I’m out caching all day somewhere.😀 I‘m going over to West Cambs next week so I’m going to give East Cambs a turn this week. There are lots of series caches in this particular neck of the woods plus a series of Challenge cachers by the ecopuffinparents that I qualify for.

One other factor to consider is the two 1.5/3 trads tucked away in the nearby Cambs/Suffolk Stroll series. As you know I’ve been working on the Cellular Mutation series for a while and need just one 1.5/3 to finish the series.

I parked up opposite #32 - What A Fun Guy of the Stroll just outside Horseheath in Suffolk just as dawn broke. I worked my way anti-clockwise picking up the trads until I got to a target cache - #26. I had to clamber up and down a deep ditch to get this one. Having reached a century of this elusive D/T, I wasn’t bothered now which was a good job as I DNFed the other one at #25.😀

I continued in The same direction back to the car picking up more of the Stroll and deviating slightly for the Fine Pair trad at Streetley End. I continued on my way picking up,another FP at Weston Green and then the VS and WM in Stretchworth. These were all trads and I collected another at the Rearing Stallion cache on the outskirts of Newmarket.

I parked up in Newmarket and had breakfast in my favourite coffee shop. I walked down to the railway for ST Newmarket and the nearby 3/1 Horse Country trads. I was going to pick up some more in town but settled for the 1/1 Little Ray Says Neigh trad before heading back to the car. 

I picked a drive-by RST Newmarket Warren Street trad but failed just down the road at CM St Agnes. The CO has been out and says that it’s still there. Gawd knows where but I shall check again in a week or two.

My next port of call was Isleham where I found the CM and VS trads and the WM multi befor heading a few miles north to start on the EPP Challenge series. There were few problems picking up 8 Mystery caches and the one Letterbox EPP 100 as cache and dash drive bys.😀

I continued west into Soham which was particularly rich in caches and industrial architecture including the fine crane that I spotted opposite St Andrews Church. I found the VS trad on the outskirts of town and then the mystery LXX on the way into the centre. I found three CMs, two trads and a multi which were using a cunning type of cache that I have only seen before from this CO, I think.🤔 The multi WM caused me a problem which I overcame in the end.

It was time to be thinking about going home so I added a couple more trads including another 1/1 on the outskirts of town and then another EPP Challenge mystery on the way down to nearby Fordham. The last cache of the day was the clever RST Fordham which added a nice twist to the end of the successful day.

1 Letterbox 3 Multi 10 Mystery 30 Traditional