18. Jan, 2020

Fly - Fishing

How many of you remember that old BT advert where the old gentleman is looking for a book titled Fly Fishing by J R Hartley? I’m going down to Hartley in Kent this morning which reminded me of the book. It could have been jam but no, it was fly fishing.

I was up early and picked up VS Darenth in the dark on the way down. I had looked for this on before but it was MIA. I stopped off in Longfield to gather info for the CM Wherigo and the Chocks Away multi before doubling back into Hartley. I was after some more of the Longfield Hill Loop series and turned into Manor Lane looking for somewhere to park.

I found a safe enough place near to the I’m Thinking Of A Number mystery which proved elusive for a while.šŸ˜€ I continued down the track to get onto the LHL series. I had an immediate fail at #24 and joined the long list but I made amends at #25 before turning east to continue the series.

I made my way across a muddy field and had a quick find of #23 before setting off for #21 which was going to be a tree climb. I got up the 21 feet to the 2/4.5 trad to find the log sheet was just mush and unsignable. I noted the mention of a nearby parking space at #22 so went down there to check it out. There is a lot of space there with a great view over the valley. I’ll use this place next week when I try for another chunk of the series. The trad here was very difficult to find but I had a stroke of luck as I was about to give up.

I ventured down the icy road into the valley for the Down In The Dip trad for my last find of the mornin. I then made my way back up again and retraced my path back to the car which had parked safely. šŸ˜€ I had enough time to drive down the road to CM Hartley to gather info for the multi which will also be on the list for next week. Luckily I had a straight run back home through the tunnel.

1 Multi 1 Mystery 5 Traditional