25. Jan, 2020

Fly-Fishing Two

I was coming back to Hartley this weekend thinking of strawberry jam.😀 I decided to get here early and try for the Witches Of Hartley night cache. However I couldn’t find the start of the trail and had to give up. I am told that the start often goes missing. On the way back, I tried to find the Chocks Away multi but had no luck in the dark.🙁

I made my way to Longfield Hill and parked up for a quick find of the cleverly placed Wave at the Trains - Toot Toot multi. I drove up to New Barn and quickly found the 69 Squadron mystery and the Slow Down trad which had both eluded me before. 

I wanted to get some more of the Longfield Hill Loop so parked up some way down the road from #24 which had foxed me last week. I knew that I could park up next to the cache but it was so difficult to turn round in that narrow lane. I had a quick find of the cache but it was ironic as I have set out a few of this type myself.

I then drove down to #22 which I had found last week but now knew that there was a very handy parking spot nearby. I walked down the hill for a quick find of #19 and the up the other side of the valley to look for two of the series that I have DNFEd before. I had worked out the coords for the #18 multi before and went straight to the cache or should I say both of them as there were two containers with logsheets.🤔 I still had no luck at #17 - Spencer which was a shame as the 4/3 D/T would have been nice. 

After another walk down and up the valley to the car, I had time for just one more cache and drove the short distance back to All Saints church and had a quick find of the CM multI. Now my thoughts were about the traffic at the tunnel and luckily my luck was in.👏

1 Mystery 3 Multi 3 Traditional