28. Jan, 2020

All Wight, All Wight

We went to the Isle of Wight about 30 years ago and have wanted to return sometime. We have also always wanted to try one of the Warner’s Hotels so when a good deal came up, we decided to  book up. I also need the Isle of Wight for my county list so I didn’t take much persuading.🤔

I also thought that it would make an ideal start to a GeoStreaker Challenge in Kent that I had been eying up. The challenge was to cache for a 15 day streak getting at least one cache a day but must collect 8 different icons including a CM. I had done some preparation for this and had “my ducks lined up in a row” for the challenge.

We travelled by coach on the Monday to Bembridge and the next day we had a pleasant walk from the hotel which was situated near to the Lifeboat Station up into the village. We visited a local cafe and then I checked out where the CM trad was for later in the week. My target today was the FP multi and once I’d worked out the coords, I walked the short distance to the search area whilst my wife waited in the warm.

By the Wednesday, I knew the lie of the land and was up early and waiting for a bus to All Saints about 3 miles away. I had a chance of 2 Letterbox caches but both had recent DNFs. After being told where to get off by the bus driver, I made my way down the track to the first Letterbox, Horse Shoe Cache and had a quick find of the well hidden cache. I picked up the nearby VS trad and all I had to do now was walk back to the hotel by 9am for breakfast.

On the way, I found the other Letterbox, St Helens Quay, picking up a TB appropriately named The Key and then the VS Bembridge trad. I also gathered the info for an Earthcache but I needed a ruler so couldn’t complete things. It was also 8:30 and I phoned for the local cab. However it turned out that he wasn‘t working that day because a family funeral. I really had to hot foot it down the lanes to make breakfast.

On the Thursday, I made my way back to the memorial armed with a ruler bought from a local Post Office and found the rest of the information needed for the Granite At The Palmer Memorial Earthcache. I had a short detour to pick up The White Tower, a 1/3 trad and then walked back to the Lifeboat Station to find the Bembridge lifeboat trad.

On the Friday, I had enough time before the coach left to get back to Bembridge Church to find the CM. So I now had a Mult, a Letterbox, an Earthcache and a CM. All I need now is a Wherigo, a Mystery, a Challenge, a Trad and seven other caches. Wish Me Luck.🤞

1 Earthcache, 1 MultI, 2 Letterbox, 5 Traditional