2. Feb, 2020

Well I Wanted A Challenge

As you know, I’ve been working on the Cellular Mutation Challenge Cache series for a while. I recently found a 1/3.5 trad in Cambs to give me 100 caches in at least 20 cells. I’ve been waiting for a chance to head down to Crockenhill in Kent to find the caches. I also need a Challenge cache for the GeoStreaker that I‘m working on and I have 3 of these on my list today.

I parked up just out the village on the Eynsford Road and walked through a farm yard to get to my first challenge of the day - 6 WTF Challenge Cache. To qualify for this one, we have to find 2 different icons in one foreign country. I found 8 different icons in Dublin in one day last year and I have found at least six in six different countries over my Geocaching career.😀

I drove to the other end of the village and then walked a mile or so out into the countryside to find Cellular Mutation #3 (50 caches in 25 cells) and Cellular Mutation #4 (100 in 20 cells). I was so glad to complete this series as it had taken me a lot of planning and travelling to qualify.

A new series of Mystery caches has recently been published called Q and I had solved a few of these and the finals were at this end of the village. I quickly found three of the series including Q is for high responsibility, a 4.5/1.5, realising that I had been this way before on a series that must have been archived.

On the way to what was the final cache of the day, Q is for Bike, I looked at the description and realised it was a 2/5. Oh-Oh, what had I let myself in for. The blurb said that if you can’t replace the cache, don’t attempt it, check the photo.🤔 Anyway, I carried out a risk assessment and reckoned that I could carry out all the requirements. Let’s just say that I had great fun climbing up the tree to retrieve and replace the cache. Well I said that I wanted a Challenge, didn’t I. I also got my Challenge cache for the GeoStreaker so I’m still on track.😀

7 Mystery