8. Feb, 2020

A Quick Dash To Latchingdon

I received a call from my pal who lives in Latchingdon out on the Dengie this morning and I had to pop over there for an hour. On the way back, I was thinking about possible cache and dash caches to keep the streak running.🤔

Jubilee Walk in South Woodham Ferrers was a possibility but it was a recent DNF or there was the one in the new Sainsbury’s supermarket in town. However that was likely to be very busy this time of day. Right, try the former and if not, go for the latter.🤞

I parked up just outside the industrial park and walked up the slope to the search area. I checked the hint, “behind the post” and started to search. There were many hint items but no cache found as yet. Then I had an idea and there was the very cunningly placed cache. Very tricky, in fact the next visitor failed to find it but it’s there folks.

Twelve down, three to go and I still need a Mystery cache.

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