11. Feb, 2020

One Finishes and Another Starts

This is going to be a busy day. There is an event in Balsham, south of Cambridge today which I want to fit in with a day’s caching in East Cambridgeshire. 

Just one cache today, any sort, will qualify me for the Geostreaker Challenge but as usual, I’m juggling a few challenges. The main one that I’m looking at is the 2012 Decathalon Challenge. Based on 10 events in two days, I would have to find 20 caches in a series, 5 CMs, 5 Multis, 5 Mysteries, a 4D, a 4T, 5 new TBs, a night attribute and a cache with a D/T of over 7.🤔 So I had been doing some planning and would start lining my ducks up today.

My initial plans were thwarted when reports of problems on the M11 came through. I decided to work my way up to Balsham via the back roads north of Braintree. I collected CMs, WMs, VSs and VHs along a route passing through the Salings, the Bardfields and the Camps. I even managed to find one of infinson’s 100 Years of the RAF mysteries.

I stopped in Hadstock, just inside the Essex border to check out the final of the new Heal The World series, a 4/2 mystery. After lining up my first duck, I drove up to Linton for the WM mystery. I spent a few minutes finding the info for a 4/4 reverse Wherigo on the outskirts of the village.

I was now off to the Old Butcher‘s Shop for tea with tangelou hosted by angelou666. There were so many little rooms in the cafe. I settled down on a sofa in a back room with my sausage bap and coffee to be joined by the host of the local conversational Italian meeting. Va Bene!

I only have a smattering of Italian but I held my own for a few minutes until it got busy so I left them to it to attend the meeting talking in a language that I was fully conversant with. The hour with angelou666, Mr and Mrs jollyquest and benjw1 went so quickly.

During the conversations, our host (Rory) mentioned that he was going to try for the reverse Wherigo after the meeting. I said that I had done a lot of the donkey work for that one so we quickly worked out the approximate search area for that one. Another bonus was that Rory had a stack of TBs that he wanted to get shot of and he was going to put them in the Wherigo cache as it was a Regular.😀😀😀

We drove back into Linton and eventually got into the search area for the Wherigo. We had gleaned a further hint at the meeting and this proved most useful. Rory signed the logsheet and dropped off six TBs. I now knew where a 4T and a D/T of 8 was and if those TBs were still there next week, they would become gold dust to me. 😀 Rory and I then went off in different directions.

I made my way into Six Mile Bottom and found the ST and CM trads as well as the WM multi. By now, the strong winds and the rain were starting to get uncomfortable. However there were a few remaining caches from the EPP Challenge series down Heath Road just outside Burwell that I really wanted to finish so I drove down there before making for home.

I quickly found the RST Burwell and you know I hate to ask trads before collecting the final three mysteries in the EPP series. So it was an early finish for me but it was a wise move as the wind was blowing a Hooley now and I was glad to make it home.

1 Event 2 Multi 5 Mystery 13 Traditional