15. Feb, 2020

Down On The Farm

I had been meaning to arrange a breakfast meeting nearby and the general consensus amongst the local Geocaching fraternity pointed to it to being held at the Salvation Army Tea Rooms in Hadleigh. 

The premises didn’t open until ten so I got there early to pick up some of the caches that had been published in the nearby Hadleigh Country Park. I parked the car near the entrance to the Castle and quickly found the oddly named and terrifically over the top D/T rated trad Quick before the other people see secretive. As I walked away from the car park, I thought that I spotted a familiar face but I wasn’t sure.

As I reached the over-rated 4.5/3.5 My name is wine gums, the familiar face caught me up and it was catalinacrawford from Grays. We made a quick find of the cache and Michael found Beware of the Ghost Town that I had previously found. We finished the short walk at Andy and made our way back to the Tea Rooms. We parted company here and I walked up the road to check out where AMC - Take A Shot for another time. It is a trad with a night attribute.😀

The event was well attended by about 30 local cachers and for once I managed to speak to everyone. There was one problem though. The Tea Rooms had not expected many customers today due to the the anticipated high winds. However we turned up and they ran out of bacon and mushrooms! 🤔🙁🤯 The good thing was that they wanted us to come back soon as long as we gave them a day’s notice.

Many thanks to Happileigh for the use of the photograph. 👍🏻

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