20. Feb, 2020

Decathlon Day Two

The crowd were hushed awaiting the starting gun, well in my mind anyway. I left home at 0550 and parked up in Hadstock just down from the church just before dawn. I quickly found the 4/2 Heal The World #78_Series Final mystery which gave me Event 2, the 4D.

Next stop was Linton for the final of the Wherigo Take A Hike - Reverse Cache. This is where the Decathalon would be won or lost. I went straight to the 4/4 cache and wowee, the TBs were still there. I now had Events 3, 4 and 5 - the 4T, the at least combined 7 D/T and the 5 TBs in the bag. I’m up and running.😀

I crossed the M11 and headed for Thriplow. I had 5 mysteries set up around here. I found three of the Congratulations series and then the standalone Foxton. However the next one, Barrington proved to be MIA so I would have to improvise. I was going to spend some time in Barrington so I parked up near the church and set out on the next part of my plan.

I needed a small size cache and the well hidden 01 Barrington Bounce met that requirement. I found the WM multi and the CM trad at Barrington - Congregational and then set off on part of the circular series - Shepreth Saunter. I tackled this in a clockwise route, picking up 06 to 08, breaking off for the LB - Barrington (2) multi and getting back on track with 09 to 15.😉

There were two multis up next, VS - Shepreth and VH - Shepreth, followed by ST Shepreth which gave me the micro size cache. I continued on the Saunter finding 25 to 29 and then 01 to 05. I then found VS - Barrington and VH - Barrington, both trads and also bonuses to the challenge.

Now it was time for a recap. I still needed 4 CMs, a Large, a Mystery and a Multi to complete the challenge. I set off towards the outskirts of Royston for 1000, one of the two Large caches on my list. However, I took a route that passed 999 and Congratulations 1DG, two mystery caches that were quickly found. 

I parked up as near to 1000 as was safe and set off back along the road and then up a muddy track for about half a mile until I got to the search area. Thankfully, it was there so I didn’t have to drive back into Cambridge for the other one on my list.

The wind started to really pick up on the way back to the car but I was getting close to the end of my list and a visit to Melbourn should finish things off. I reckoned that I needed three CMs and another multi but then I realised that I had forgotten to collect the CM back in Shepreth. At least I could go back that way on the way home.

In Melbourn, I gathered up the trad URC, Baptist multi, the All Saints trad and then the multi at the War Memorial. So all I needed to complete the day was the trad CM back in Shepreth, if it was still there.🤔 It was a thoughtful drive on the way back, planning where to go next, if the CM was missing. It was all wasted time as I had a really quick find. I had completed the Decathalon.😀

Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t remember this but at the last cache. I drove into the car park and worked out which corner the cache was going to be in. However there was a car very near to where the cache would be. As I approached the car, it was obvious that there was a lunchtime liaison taking place. There was no way that I wasn’t going to look for the cache and I could have touched the car as I filled in the log sheet. 🤔😉😎🤭

1 Wherigo 6 Multi 6 Mystery 38 Traditional