22. Feb, 2020


With the threat of high winds closing the QE2 Bridge this morning, it seemed that my chance to find one of the two challenges that I had recently qualified would be lost. However, when I woke up at 0545 and checked the weather report, I knew that I was in with a chance.

I turned off the A2 and drove down into New Barn. I parked up near the search area for the Geostreaker Challenge and struggled for a few minutes until I spotted the cunningly concealed cache just within my reach. I carried on down into Longfield for the Chocks Away multi that I had DNFed a fortnight ago. In my defence, it was in the dark but this time I quickly found the well buried cache.

I was then off into the village of Hartley (flyfishing or jam 🤔) for the final of the WM Longfield Reverse Wherigo. My final plot for this was so good that I could have touched the host from the car. Here I was reminded of some of this COs quirky tricks. Once I had signed the log sheet, I was off again up into the centre of Hartley.

I parked up by the village green and quickly picked up the quirky WM Hartley trad. I started gathering the info for the VS Hartley multi when it suddenly dawned on me that it was a 2.5/5 cache.😀đŸ’ĨđŸ’Ĩ I have been after a multi with a D or T of 5 for ages for yet another challenge. The nearest one I had found was in Norwich so this was a right result. The only problem was that I couldn’t find one piece of info. I contacted the CO who replied after I had got home. I had looked at the info source but hadn’t realised it.☚ī¸ Still, it’s there for another day.

I drove down to New Ash Green for the 1,2,3 Challenge which I had qualified for ages ago but it had gone MIA before I looked for it. I had a quick find of the 5/3 cache and set off to Ash for a few more multis. I quickly found the WM and the VH caches once I’d worked out the coords. I spotted a venue for a breakfast meeting which I’ve now arranged. The photo is of the Village Hall from the War Memorial.

I had had a DNF at the nearby CM multi some time ago. I knew that I had the right coords but couldn’t find the cache. As I was close by, I had to have another look especially as I was now familiar with the COs MO. Yep, it was another quirky cache which I put my hand on straight away.

There was a trad up by the church that needed my attention and Skyler was eventually ticked off.   Now the clock was ticking on and it was time for home. However there’s always time for one more and that was the PigTrap mystery. It hadn’t been found for a while and had crept a bit in the meantime but I got there in the end.

1 Wherigo 2 Traditional 3 Mystery 3 Multi