22. Mar, 2020

Back To The Greek

I decided to have an early start south of the river today. I had my eyes on some more of JJ’s “It’s all Greek to me” series circling Sutton-at-Hone so that would be the main thrust of the few hours that I have this morning.

I started off at first light at the clever WM Wilmington multi before moving on to a trio of mystery caches. As you know I like a challenge and the jazzyjessups 1000 and the Mo Farah 10,000 metres challenges were nearby. To qualify for these were a marathon rather than a race, having to find 1000 and 10,000 caches respectively.🙁

There was another Mystery, Ace, down the road at the golf course based on “holes in one.” After sorting out the puzzle, I had an easy roll in at the final. I went after the Wilmington wander- Underneath the arches trad which was almost down in Hextable before concentrating on matters Greek.

There are 38 caches in the series over a distance of seven miles and I have been picking at them for the past couple of years. I managed to park near the trad 16e (part of the extension to the series) and made a quick find. I walked across the field to pick up Wilmington wander - The corriander field before returning to the motor. I worked my way through the extensions by parking and walking back to collect the trads until I got down to 16a.

Now I was in for a long walk. I made a easy job of the multi 17 Rho and then quick finds of the trads 18 Sigma and 19 Tau. I got to the Letterbox 20 Upsilon. Unfortunately the information to work out the coords is missing but everyone else seemed to be finding the cache. I used the hint and some logic to locate the well hidden cache. Now I had to walk all the way back to where the car was parked to continue my planned route.

I was running out of time but reckoned that I had enough for a four cache linear walk which started with the 32 Socrates trad on Ship Lane leading into Sutton. I had a quick find of the cache which would be probably impossible on bushes in foliage. I had to weave my way along a footpath through a field of Broad Beans to get to the 1/3 All Tyred Out trad. Once I‘d got out of the bean feast and onto the open footpath, I made my way to the cunning planes to the left of me guns to the right. This 3/2.5 trad had me going for a while but I eventually worked it out. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get to the 31 Hegesinus of Pergamum multi as the memsahib would have been cross if I was late so I have to jog back to the motor in an attempt to get home for ten.

1 Letterbox 2 Multi 3 Mystery 12 Traditional 


Unfortunately Boris announced the Covid lockdown two days later and brought in the essential travel only rule.  I was also classed as vulnerable but as you will have read in my Upfront section I don’t feel vulnerable. However I decided that Geocaching would still be there when we got out the other side. I didn’t think that it would be 121 days before I would get the urge to get back in the saddle again.