19. Aug, 2020


For our day out this week, we decided to go to Sudbury in Suffolk. I like this place and it has a decent coffee shop that I enjoy visiting. The weather forecast was good so we set off about ten and made it to the coffee shop for brunch.

We had planned to have  walk along the River Stour but unfortunately it started raining which put a damper on the day, pun intended. We decided to cut our visit short but I had got a pass to get a geocache.😀 I had spent some time here caching before so the pickings were slim. However Gillywig had re-instated the ST here.

So after a short walk down a very damp footpath, I arrived in the search area where I took much longer than I should finding the cache. Unfortunately the previous cacher had not put the container back in its hide hole correctly and it was hidden at ground level. 🤔

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