23. Aug, 2020

Take A Chance

I‘m slowly getting more adventurous so decided that I would have an early doors expedition across the water into Kent this morning. I had a little list of caches planned with Dartford being the first port of call.

When I got into the one way system, major roadworks thwarted my plans. I found a car park and set off on foot to the CM Dartford - Methodist. The coords were quickly solved but it seems they were out and I searched in vain.🤔 I walked on through the deserted town to the WM and got off the mark with an easy trad.

I‘ve been working on One must check ones one by ones : Challenge Cache, where the idea is to find 500 1/1 caches and it ain’t as easy as it seems. I have amassed about 450 and there are three more in Dartford. So with a bit of cache and dashing, I found Underfoot, No parasan and Crayford Sidetracked (not part of the series unfortunatel.) These were all trads as was the Coalpost #210 for which I was STF.

The next one on the list was the multi WM - Crayford Memorial Park. To cut a long story short, I misread how the CO phrased the task so spent a lot of time getting nowhere. Once I had had enough, I took off for Slade Green to try my luck at another of the COs multis. The WM - Heroes Of Slade Green covered a very interesting WW2 incident and I had more success in finding the cache.

I decided to gather the info for the WM - Crayford St Augustine‘s to save a bit of time moved into Erith. I quickly sorted out the multis, MORE Reasons and then Stage One. The next multi was very interesting to me, Erith Art - Thames Barge. I had to gather information on the former bowsprit barge “Chance” shown in the mural to produce the coords.

I was running out of time so found the info for the Robinson Crusoe mystery before walk out to the end of the concrete pier for collect the London’s Longest Pier trad. All I had to do is walk back the length of the concrete to the car and set off for home.

4 Multi 6 Traditional