30. Aug, 2020

Alcock & Brown Cause Frown

I’m back for another early start on the Erith peninsula. As dawn broke, I was collecting the multi CM Dartford - Methodist which I had DNFed last week. To be honest, I should have found it with the hint even if the posted coords were slightly out.šŸ™.

On the way into Crayford, I picked up the cunningly placed trad Coal Post #212 that had recently been published. I parked up in a big car park near a Golden Arches teeming with bunters seeking  their early morning burger fix and walked over to the Alcock and Brown Memorial. This was a 4.5/1 multi but the coords seemed easy enough to solve so it would be a bit of a git at the final. I searched up and down but only came away with a frown.ā˜¹ļø

I drove round the one way system to the CM Crayford - Baptist to see if I could get back on track with the multI. The coords were quickly sorted and the hint was spot on, what could go wrong. As I was walking back to the car, head down, writing the log, I walked into an aluminium post. I was a bit stunned for a while but thankful that it wasn’t made of concrete.

I was still a bit dazed when I got up the road to the Madder + Dung = Red Dye multI. I sorted out the coords ok but just couldn’t find the cache. I just sat on the wall for about ten minutes until my head cleared but couldn’t be bothered to look anymore. It turned out that I could have looked all day as the cache was MIA.

From here I took off to the Crayford Memorial Gardens to see if I could sort out the coords to the WM that I messed up last week. I had misread the COs thoughts but this week, I was on the right wavelength as the cache was quickly found.

Feeling better, I decided to carry on. I had gathered the info for the WM St Augustine - Slade Green last week and worked out some decent coords after a lot of errors. It was all worth it as the 3.5/2 cache became an easy find.

There was no such luck at the WM Erith multi. How many sheep are lying down, how many are standing in the foreground? All this counting sheep was making me tired and dizzy. I couldn’t find the cache and later at home, I ran the coords past the CO, who told me that I’d got 4 out of the 6 numbers but I had enough to find the cache. Perhaps the bang on the head had affected me more than I thought but perhaps I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.šŸ„“

I had saved the info for the Robinson Crusoe multi last week. Today I was able to park right in the search area for a quick find of one of the COs trademark caches. I could see that time was running out so popped up to the CM Erith - St John the Baptist. I quickly sorted out the nearby WM trad once I’d googled the hint and set off into the graveyard to hunt for the tall gravestones for the info to sort the multi. 

The CO had had a clever idea here and I sussed what was needed. I found four of the stones that I was looking for including one showing that Samuel Kennedy had been in India at the time of the Sepoy Mutiny.

Mary Thomas was the missing lady and she took me a while to find. As I was walking around, a chap approached me, introduced himself as the vicar and asked if he could help. I said that I was doing a quiz and he said “how splendid, you carry on.” Unfortunately he couldn’t point me in the direction of Mary. I eventually found the elusive lady who was being hidden by Ivy.šŸ˜€ 

I made my way to the final stage after working out the coords. However this cache was also MIA having fallen foul of some recent maintenance. This has reminded me that I used to work with a bloke a long time ago who had a mate called Slapper Daniels. Why Slapper, I asked. Well he’s a painter for the council.šŸ¤”

I was running out of time and all I had for nearly four hours caching was seven. To even the number, I drove up to the nearby Industrial Gates trad for an easy find to finish the morning. 

3 Traditional 5 Multi