2. Sep, 2020

Have A Heart - Clap the NHS series

Today I’m making a bold step - going into Kent on a weekday and during the rush hour.🤔 I want to check out the traffic in case it’s a good move and I also want to try the new 113 strong NHS series set around Swanley by jazzyjessups. This would have to be sorted in sections so today was the first stab.

As dawn broke, I pulled off the M25 and parked up by Howdens to try #2 of the series. It was the worst possible start to the day, a DNF but as I drove past past, I realised that there was one place that I’d missed.🤬

I worked my way along Beechenlea Lane into Swanley Village collecting caches with titles such as Urology Secretary and Neurologist. 🥴 Once I reached the village, I drove down to the CM Swanley Village multi but couldn’t find the cache. However as I consulted the map, I realised that I wasn’t that far away from one leg of the It‘s All Greek To Me series so decided to give it a whirl.

After negotiating loops of footpaths, I got to the series and found the trad Chi, the multi Psi and the mystery Phi. Here’s where my luck run out. I read in the log for the Stravros letterbox that previous cachers had problems with a horsey lady over footpath rights. As the cache has been placed near a stile I couldn’t see much of a problem and decided that if said lady appeared, I show her the OS map and wish her good day.🤔 A trio of inquisitive horses came to see what I was doing but no lady. For all this the cache was missing and I wonder if it has been removed?

I set off to the Omega multi but despite two very large hint items, I couldn’t find the cache. I had to backtrack to Stavros to get back on track but no sign of the lady. I made it back to the car just before the battery on my phone died and once I added my powerpack, I was ready to continue on the NHS series.

I set off on a short circular section of the series, taking in #105 and #93, which included such titles as Orthotist and Colorectal Surgeon. There were some highlights to this section though. The hint at the trad #102 was worth a fave point on its own. However #93 was in a league of its own. I had found many caches in the past attached to fake body parts. I have found a finger, a hand, a claw, a lower leg, even a head but never a heart.🥴 I suppose, I only need an arm and I will have the full set.

Multi 1 Mystery 5 Traditional 18