6. Sep, 2020

Radio X

I don’t know why I called this Radio X but it’s my number one FM rock station at the moment. There were some great tunes playing as I drove into Dartford just before dawn this morning. There were three rubyshoos Challenge caches in part of Dartford Heath that I had qualified for and I wanted to find them before they were archived. I don’t know if they are going to be but I just had a feeling. I wandered around the Heath find A Solitary One, A Duo of Twos and the 3.5/3.5 A Trio of Threes. I hope to qualify for the Four and Fives challenge caches soon.

I was now on a bit of a clear up in Crayford and Erith. I had sorted the coords for the 4.5/1 Alcock & Brown multi last week but DNFed the cache. I also DNFed the Madder + Dung = Red Dye multi but that had been MIA. Luckily I had a very quick find of the Alcock cache this week and an easy find of the Dung.🤔

Up in Erith, I had another go at the WM multi and although I was slightly out, I really should have found it last week. I walked from here down to the newly published Tramsheds multi. I was STF here but FTFs are not a priority of mine. I picked this one up on the way to the CM Erith - St John the Baptist multi. This, too, had been missing last week and I was pleased that the CO had sorted this one out quickly.

I drove up the road to the trad WM Callender’s Cables and had a quick find. I suddenly remembered that we used to use a lot of B.I.C.C. high power cables in the BT radio stations. A little research pointed out that CC became BICC in 1975.

There were some more rubyshoos Challenge caches down in Lamorbey Park near Sidcup that I wanted to go for. These were the Church Micro Who’s Counting Caches - D/T, Types and Sizes, which were either 3.5/1.5 or 3.5/2. On the way, I had to pass CM Blendon - St James multi but I couldn’t find all the info so messaged the CO.

In the Park, I had a bit of a trek but had few problems finding the caches. Looking at the map, there were a couple of 1/1s in the Park that I should have noticed.🥴 At this point, I noticed that I had received a message about CM Blendon with a bit of info that I had missed. However I wanted to give the CM Lamorbey multi a try first. This was a quick find once I‘d sorted out the coords. 

I noted that there was the trad ST Sidcup a short walk away so I thought silly not to. I had a quick find thanks to the hint. I knew at this point that I had enough time to get the extra info at CM Blendon before setting off for home. At least, I have the coords for next time.😀 

2 Traditional 6 Multi 6 Mystery