10. Sep, 2020

The Winner Is ....

I was checking out my D/T stats the other day looking to add some 5/4.5 caches to my list when I spotted a glaring omission. I had spent a lot of time earlier in the year qualifying for the GC39R02 2012 Olympic Decathlon Challenge Cache down in Eynsford, Kent. However I had forgotten about it what with the lock down so I needed to look for it soonest. My original plan was to do more of the NHS series  - the part in Crockenhill. So I decided to go for the Decathlon first and then continue on with the NHS series.

I parked up in Eynsford about ten minutes before dawn and walked about half a mile up the paths to the search area for a quick find and the winner is... I retraced my steps and drove down to Crockenhill Cemetery to pick up the NHS.

I had been in these here parts before and quickly found #8 trad and decided to continue on to #7 trad before returning to the car. I parked up in the free car park behind Crockenhill Village Hall which was handy for the VH multi. Once I’d worked out the coords, I checked where it was and then set off down the NHS route. 

I found the trads #9 and #10 as well as the mystery #11 along Cray Road before branching out into the country. As I reached 012. NHS: Cardiologists, I could see Canary Wharf through the early morning haze. It’s not often that you see the City and cows in the same photo. I had an easy find of the trad before reaching #13. Let’s just say I picked up the cleverly placed VH - Crockenhill on the way.

I walked back down the paths and lane to the car. On the way out of town, I picked up the #16 mystery and the #15 trad (a welcome 1/1) before driving up Green Court Road to the War Memorial. I’m sure that there was a multi here?🤔 Anyway I parked up and set off on a circular route.

I quickly found the #17, #14 and #18 trads before getting to #19 at the railway bridge. I decided that I had enough to cross the bridge and race up the paths to get the cunningly placed #27 mystery. I had a short think but decided that was enough if I wanted to get home on time. Once back at the car, I knew the way home so no need to set up the route planner.

1 Multi 4 Mystery 11 Traditional