11. Sep, 2020

It’s My Birthday

It’s unfortunate that my birthday is now overshadowed by 9/11. It’s also a reminder that the daughter of one of my work colleagues, a young lady from Rugby, Warks, was working in NYC on that day. So RIP, Carly Barbara Rogers.

There are no problems about me Geocaching on my birthday.😀 We are spending the night away at the Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad near Lowestoft so I plan to find a couple of CMs on the way.

After a cracking breakfast at a farm cafe in Marlesford on the A12, we set off up the road and turned off at Wrentham to pick up the CM at St Nicholas Church. Just up the road was St Mary’s at Henham where I had a quick find of the well hidden cache.

One of my plans for the day was to visit the East Anglian Transport Museum at Carlton Colville but it is closed on a Friday. I had to make do with the CM. We were just outside Oulton Broad so pulled in at the hotel but the room was ready.

We went for a walk around town but there wasn’t much here. I took the opportunity to try for the 3.5/2.5 Push’N’Pull which I thought would be something to do with the station but no. It turned out to be a homemade field puzzle which had probably been produced on a 3D printer. It took me a few minutes to get to the log but longer to put everything back together. I had to give this one a fave. 

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