19. Sep, 2020

Lewes For The Day

We are getting a bit more adventurous so we are off on a coach trip to Lewes in East Sussex today. We had to go through all the covid preparations as well as having our temperature taken before we could set off. When everyone was sitting comfortably we did.

The coach trundled down the A127 and the M25 until we reached Clackett Lane Services for our mandatory stop. Back the coach, we were told that we should have five hours in Lewes if we make good time.

So why go down the M23 when there is a road closure for bridge repairs all weekend?🥴🤬🤯 So we get into Lewes gone noon knowing that we have a curtailed visit. We immediately went to Cafe Nero for lunch and our free coffees before deciding which way we would wander around the town. This is a lovely little town full of narrow medieval lanes called twittens and the first castle built by the Normans after the Battle of Hastings.

Now I thought that book shops were a thing of the past. However it seems that they have all closed down and decamped here. I did notice the five volume set of Essex Millers and Millwrights in an antiquarian book shop but I knew that I couldn’t afford them.🥴

As you’ve probably guessed, I have a little list of geocaches on me if I should happen to pass by. I found four trads and DNFed three more. One found was a CM but it was gallling to find that two more CMs had been missing for sometime and nothing done about them. I sort of gave up and spent an hour in the Dorset Arms enjoying a couple of pints of Harvey’s Best Bitter.

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