20. Sep, 2020

Moving The Coal Posts

I’m continuing on the NHS series in Swanley this morning. I was here before dawn picking up #2 : Ambulance Technicians that I had missed before. I decided to go back up the road to the multi VS Swanley to see if I could gather the info for another time. I worked out the coords and as it was just down the road I went for it and had a quick find.

I drove through Swanley and almost up to Ruxley. I found the 1/1 (yes, I’m still working on that challenge) #64 Radiographers, the trad #63, the mystery #66 and the trad #65 before setting off towards Ruxley.

I had been looking at the mystery CM Ruxley for a while now but I had a breakthrough in the last week. So as I was in the area, this one has to be found. Thankfully I had a quick find here and then set down the Maidstone Road picking up more NHS trads until I got into Upper Hockenham. I turned off up Birchwood Road looking for a place to park for the trad #207 Coal Post.

I like find these coal posts, relics of a past age. I have been working on a Coal Post Challenge for a while. The qualification is to find ten coal posts in consecutive order but I’ve been struggling. I rechecked the challenge and found that I only need six in a row. šŸ˜€ I realised out that if I find the mystery #211 around Crayford, I would qualify so I had another look at this one. Evidently the coal post had been moved in the past due to redevelopment so all I had to do was to find where it was originally. Luckily I quickly found the info so that’s another challenge to go for.šŸ˜€

After I found #207, I set off on a linear walk down into the outskirts of Swanley finding the #75 - #78 NHS trads and went for a remnant of the Swanley Orbital Series. When I got to the 26:SOS trad, I noticed that it had a high D. I definitely needed a tool for this so I walked back the one and a half miles to the car. Back at the trad with a magnetic extender, the cache was soon in hand.

I checked the time and my list. Swanley Park wasn’t too far away and there were some more NHS caches in there. I found #80 - #82, two trads and a mystery and thought I had just enough time to walk up to VS Hextable from here. This trad was really cunningly placed and I thought that it would beat me. Just as I was about to chuck it in due to time, I spotted it. It had to be awarded a fave. I scampered back to the motor just made it home for ten.

1 Multi 4 Mystery 19 Traditional