23. Sep, 2020

Sitting Bull

Last night, my wife asked me where I was going caching in the morning. When I told her, she started doing an Apache war cry.🤣 I asked what she was on about and she said Sitting Bull. I said no, Sittingbourne, anyway, Sitting Bull was from the Lakota tribe not the Apache.😀

So that was the plan. I was after a series of 1/1 mystery caches, all CMs. I don’t suppose that you can better that. I also needed a Motorway Mayhem cache to complete another challenge plus I had my eye on some more challenges for finding 1000, 5000 and 10,000 caches as well as over 300 caches in a month. So here’s how the morning went.

I was on the road at 0530 but got held up on the A13 at Stifford due to a lorry fire so I didn’t get to my first cache, the Motorway Mayhem M20, J5 trad until 0700. My first plan went awry as I was hoping for a Services here and there wasn’t.🤬 I had qualified for a MM Challenge down in Surrey though.

On my way into Sittingbourne, I diverted up to Stocksbury for the CM multi. This was previously MIA so I knew where to look but had to dig out the well placed cache. I parked up near one on the CM series that I was after and had a pleasant walk for nearly an hour picking up the eight mysteries that I was after.

I had planned to go to the north of town to look for some more CM mysteries but it was rush hour and abundant with traffic so I decided to go south and look for the VS and CM multis in Tunstall. I missed the publicised parking for the CM and parked up on the other end of the village in the village hall. There was a war memorial here but unfortunately no VH or WM.🥴

Back at the CM, I quickly sorted out the coords and quickly found the well placed cache. I noted a pair of horizontal adult stone tombs outside the porch similar to those at Cooling Church. I’ll have to research these.🤔 Just down the hill was the VS which was quickly solved and retrieved.

I continued south until I got close to the M2 where mattmoo had set a series of Challenge Caches interspersed with his Rainbow series. I parked up in a lay-by and quickly found the 5/4 10,000 finds Challenge and then set off down the paths. I found several Rainbow trads in a circular route including the 1.5/4 and Blue tree climb. I also picked up the 4/3.5 5,000 finds Challenge and the 1/3.5 1,000 finds Challenge which was probably the most difficult to get to.

I drove back up to Borden for the CM multi just as it started to rain. I worked out the coords and set off down the road. My coords had me on the wrong side of the road but I adapted and soon found this cunningly placed cache. I checked my watch and reckoned that I would just have enough time to get one of the two Challenges left on my list and be home for noon.

I dropped down onto the M20 and came off at West Malling to get to Ryarsh. I continued down narrow lanes until I reached the final which was on a T-junction. I quickly found the 5/2 300 Caches in a Calendar Month Challenge with its brilliant hint which was well worth a fave on its own. All I had to do now was hope that the tunnel was clear and that the lorry had burnt itself out on the A13.🤔

4 Multi 8 Traditional 12 Mystery