1. Oct, 2020

Barely Bearley

We are going away for a few days to Studley Castle in Warwickshire. I saw on the map that it's quite near Bearley where BT used to have a Receiving Station when HF was the main medium for radio communication. It was built on the site of wartime R.A.F. Snitterfield. I am hoping to have a quick look on the way home. There's also a SideTracked Challenge cache nearby too.🤔

We drove up on the 30th and stopped off for breakfast at the M40 Services at Beaconsfield. I hadn't stopped here before so had to quickly look to see if there was a cache here and there was.😀 Just before we left I had a quick find of TB Hotel - "A swift drop".

The next day, my hangover wasn't bad enough to stop me getting out for a few early caches. I quickly found the trad Wayside Cross in Coughton before dipping the nearby FP multi. However I soon got back on track by finding the CM and the ST. I needed an ST in Warwickshire to help qualify for the Bearley SideTracked Challenge.

I only had an hour but really needed a multi in this county too. I drove up to CM Studley - St Mary and worked out the coords. I had a short drive to the final but I struggled to see a footpath through to the field. I soon got on track and had a quick find. I just had enough time and it was tight to get the trad CM Studley on the way back to the Castle.😀

On the last day, I did the detour over to Bearley for the Challenge. The main building for the radio station is now an industrial estate. Near the railway station, I found the challenge in anticipation of qualifying. I only have 23/25 SideTracked counties but hopefully will find the remainder next week.

1 Multi 1 Mystery 5 Traditional 

NB. I found two more ST counties, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire on 7/10/20 so I have claimed the ST Bearley Challenge.