9. Oct, 2020

2018 and Counting Down

I was scanning through a list of Challenge Caches and spotted one titled 2018. For this one you have to have cached on 2018 days or more. This sounded good so I decided that it didn’t matter if I just popped out for one or a couple of caches as it would help bump up my numbers.

There was a 1/1 trad a couple of miles away in Wickford and as I’m going shopping sort of near there today, I thought that I’d pop over. I saw that the cache was DNFed last time out but on checking noted that it was an inexperienced cacher doing the looking. I had a quick find of a clever cache and could see why the newbie didn’t see it.

So more more 1/1 to the list and one more caching day to the list. I thought that I’d check how many days that I had actually cached and found it to be 1280.🙁 So I’d have to cache every day for the next two and a half years to qualify.🤯 I’ll have to give this one a miss. I might not live that long.😀 

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