18. Oct, 2020

Pub With No Beer

One of my Dad’s favourite songs was “A Pub With No Beer” by the Australian C&W singer Slim Dusty but how he would have coped being put in that situation is uncertain. He did tell a story about being in Bombay in the Royal Navy just after the Japanese surrender when there was a curfew and he couldn’t get a drink. I won’t tell you how he and his mates got around that problem.🥴

I was reminded of Slim‘s song when I decided to call in on Hextable this morning. This pleasant town hasn’t got a pub with no beer, it doesn’t have a pub.🥴

I wanted to pick up some Challenge caches this morning as well as some more of the NHS series so here’s how things went. I parked up near the final of the Coal Post #211 mystery just before dawn. A quick find qualified me for the Coal Post #206 Challenge in Swanley. I pulled in at the Random Roundabout mystery and a quick find after head scratching at the hint.

The 1/5 7WTF CC down near Crockenhill was the next on my list. To qualify for this one, cachers have to have found a cache in four continents.🤔 I had three and was planning to get an EC in Morocco in March but the Covid pandemic prevented us from docking so that put paid to that. 🤬

However I was recently checking some stats on Project.gc recently for a challenge. Although I didn’t qualify, it threw up the interesting fact that the checker stated that the Canary Islands , well at least Gran Canaria, were in Africa. Now, my geography is pretty good and as far as I’m concerned the Canaries are in Spain so I had to look it up. Imagine my surprise and delight 😀 when I found that they are politically Spain but geographically African. 💥💥

I thought that this would be a C&D but when I got near I remembered that I would have to walk down through Wested Farm to get to the cache. I said hello to a few migrant fruit pickers on the way.😀 Once I had walked about half a mile past the polytunnels filled with strawberry plants to the cache, I did the same scenic walk back to the car.

Having cached around the Swanley area for a while now, I knew a quicker route to get to the 3/3.5 CP #206 CC. I parked up near the railway bridge and walked the few hundred yards up to the cache. It was a nano placed eight feet high on a fence. Goodness what I would have done if I had dropped the thing.

Now I was off to the town with no beer. I parked near the search area for the VS mystery but couldn‘t see the sign. I had a quick find and then set off on a C&D hunt picking off the trads, NHS 86, 85 and 83. I had to walk up to the NHS 82 mystery and it was then that I actually saw the Village Sign and the Village Hall.

Once back at the car, I decided to try for the MINI SideTracked - Swanley which seemed to have a car park. I drove in, noted that it was a charging car park so drove straight out and parked down the road. I walked back and quickly found the well hidden cache but the very strong magnet made it very difficult to extract.

I was now getting close to going home but there were five NHS caches on the way. I picked up NHS : 088, 089, 090, 091 and  092. NHS : 091 ~ Occupational Therapists was a mystery but the others were all trads.

7 Mystery 8 Traditional