24. Oct, 2020

I’m Officially A Well Rounded Cacher

No, I haven’t suddenly put on weight. I haven’t embarked on a diet of Melton Mowbray pork pies and turned into a 25 stone bunt.🥴 I finally qualified for that challenge cache that I mentioned in my last blog.

I needed a Wherigo cache so sorted out a little route based on the caches that I needed this morning. Here’s how the morning went.

As usual, I planned to be at the first cache on my list as dawn breaks so I was parking up opposite VS Chislehurst as the sparrows started to sing. I got into the first zone of the Wherigo and set off on a very informative walk through the woods and along the paths. Chislehurst was obviously a popular place in the old days with so many eminent people calling it home. It took me about forty minutes to visit all the bases and answer the questions but in the end I had the cache in hand.😀

Now I had qualified for the Well Rounded Cacher Challenge, I wanted to find it. It was perhaps a fifteen minute drive down to Goddington Park in Orpington but I was in excited mode, all the way. I made my way into the park and read in the cache description that the cache needed some help to reach.🥴 However I was able to reach the nano hanging from one of the lower branches of the lonesome pine.

I didn’t suddenly feel “Well Rounded“ but I was pleased that I finally met the challenge. It had taken me a long time and a lot of planning to get to this point. However I now had to find another decent challenge.🤔

I knew that I wasn’t going to get many caches today as it was quality not quantity. The nearest cache was the trad CM Orpington ~ Christ Church so once I found it. I set off for the VHS Chelsfield. This was a tricky multi but I soon found all the info and ultimately, the cache.

I was now after the WM multi in the village which was at the local church. I had done the CM a couple of years ago as well as the GSG ~ Revisited series which starts here. A former Lord Mayor of London, Brass Crosby, lived next door to the church and there is now a hall named after him attached to the church. He is responsible for the saying “Bold As Brass.”

Anyway, this visit was a bit of an anticlimax.🥴 I thought that the info for the WM multi was on a memorial plaque in the porch but the church was locked. A little later the CO sent me a message saying that the info that I needed was on a wall opposite the porch and not in the church at all.🤬

However, the visit was not a wash out as I could walk to the Chelsfield Vista virtual from here. It was only about half a mile so I reached the vista, found the info to prove my visit and was back at the church in no time. I have reminded myself that I have to post a photo taken at the Vista to complete the virtual log.

So just the five but it was a varied bunch and a huge milestone for me.😀

1 Wherigo 1 Mystery 1 Traditional 1 Multi 1 Virtual