26. Oct, 2020

One Multi in Hampshire

It’s my wife’s birthday and we had travelled down to Basingstoke for an overnight stay. To say that the Crowne Plaza deal was absolutely value for money would be an understatement. After a relaxing evening enjoying the ambience and the cocktails🥴 we had planned a visit to the Milestones Museum in the town. This was packed with old vehicles and old Hampshire shop fronts including a working pub.

I had a special dispensation to get one cache today and I was happy with that as I didn’t want to take the mick. Just a short walk from the hotel was Milestone madness London Road Basingstoke multi. The coords were quickly sorted but this was more than an easy 1.5/1.5.🤔 It was up a steep, slippery bank and covered with months of leaf mould and autumn leaves. However perseverance paid off and I eventually found the custom cache.

1 Multi