27. Oct, 2020

Wat Tyler AdLabs

I weighed myself today and decided that I needed to get out walking more often so as not to become a bunt.😀 Wat Tyler Park in Pitsea has a good walking circuit and as an Adventure Lab series had just been published up there, it seemed silly not to combine the two events.  

I struggled from the off, having to contact the CO via WhatsApp to check what was the rear of the Progression statue shown in the photo. Once I knew, the numbers wouldn’t go through the checker so I gave up on that zone. The next three zones were ok with my numbers being accepted. However at the final zone, I still had problems and by now, I was in phone conversation with the CO whilst standing on the top of a WW2 pill box.

We still couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. Then I tumbled, I was putting some numbers in numerically when I should have been alphabetical all the way. The CO was very relieved that the problem was mine and not his.😀😀😀 

5 AdLab