28. Oct, 2020

Where I Go For ...

I have stumbled on to the jazzyjessups Iconic County Challenges. I qualify for the 1st so am working on the 2nd and 3rd. To qualify for the 2nd, GC8MKZT, I need seven icons in seven counties so if I found a Wherigo in Suffolk, I would qualify for this 4.5/1 mystery. For some reason, I decided to go for a Wherigo in Hertfordshire as I had some unfinished caching business along the Essex/Herts border.

The Wherigo that I had in mind was the VS Stanstead St Margaret’s so here’s what happened. There was a late change to the plan and I started the day in Epping so that I could do the new Adventure Lab series. I pulled into the carpark of the Hospital to start the series just before seven and then realised that you couldn’t pick and choose where you started.πŸ™ I drove back into the High Street and picked off the first four zones. I did dabble awhile trying to sort out the info for the CM Epping multi but decided to leave that for another day. 

I had noticed a Cafe Nero in town so breakfast and coffee was taken before it was back to the Hospital to finish the AdLabs. Unfortunately I missed the part that said there was a bonus but I was able to retrieve the coords for that for when I returned to town.

There were caches in town with the word “bug“ in the title. I need these for yet another challengeπŸ€” so I had to look for these three trads. I also found the trad CM Epping ~URC before I left town.

Next on the list was the prize of the day in Herts. This was a reverse Wherigo and I had to gather info from the VS to sort the code to start. Once I had this, I started to triangulate. I had one reading so set off up the road to CM Stanstead ~ St John the Baptist for another. I couldn’t find the trad but had another reading.πŸ˜€

My next stop was St Andrew’s Church in town which had two CMs attached to it, a trad and a multi. Once I had found these and took another reading, I was ready to find the Wherigo. πŸ˜€  I walked down into the “golden“ triangle and checked the Wherigo “box“. I was rewarded with the coords straight away and I was feet away. However the cache was missing.🀬

There was a bit of cabaret though. I heard a car being driven fast in the distance and then the police cars’ sirens. They overtook matey in his blue car just down the road from me, stopped him and dragged him out of the car. It was just like watching Police Interceptors on the television.πŸ˜€

Anyway pretty miffed that my target for the day and the reason that I‘d come over here was gone, I referred to my list to see what I could salvage. I decided to work my way home via the Hadhams and High Wych.

On the way to Much Hadham I picked up the Channel Islands Loop - “Guernsey Letterbox and once in Much Hadham, the trad CM was quickly found. In Little Hadham, I was after the Fine Pair trad which doubled as a Book Swap. I though that the cache was hidden in a book so had a rummage. In one of the logs, the finder mentioned that they had “conkered“ the cache, which was interesting. In a hollowed out book, there was a number of conker, one of which was the cache.πŸ˜€

The last cache of the day was the CM multi in High Wych. This one was based on two WW1 memorials but I messed the coords up and ended in completely the wrong place. I eventually sorted things out and picled up the well placed cache just down the road from the church.

1 Letterbox 2 Multi 5 AdLabs 7 Traditional