31. Oct, 2020

A Mixed Bag

Once I’d qualified for the 1st Iconic County Challenge (6 caching icons in 6 different counties) I was keen to add the 3.5/1 to my collection.šŸ˜€ I found the cache just after dawn and then moved on up the road to the trad CM Dartford - Brent Methodist. From here, it was a short walk into the nearby park for the WM to Sgt Trevor G Oldfield, who had steered his crashing Hurricane away from local housing. Once I had the coords, I soon had this well placed cache in hand.

My next stop was the WM in the Darenth churchyard. Before I sorted out the multi, I quickly found the trad WM to F/O Nathaniel J M Barry who was shot down nearby during WW2. The multi was quite difficult but I eventually sorted out the final coords. I was pleased to spot the individual memorial to the Polish soldier who had fought in the long battle at Monte Cassino in Italy during WW2.

I was now going down to Sutton-at-Hone to have another try at the “Its all Greek to me” series. I parked up just outside the church and added the CM and WM multis to the tally. I had evaded doing the EC - 6.Vau (Geode or Nodule) previously but today I went for it. I scanned the rocks in the churchyard wall trying to work out what the CO was after. I eventually worked it out and sent the answers off.

I had another go at the multi 11. Lamda up the road but I just cannot see what I am doing wrong here. I had much better luck at the bridge over the M25 with the 13. Nu Letterbox. This cunning puzzle had foxed me behind but I managed to cut through the illusion and find the well hidden cache.

Further on up the road, I picked up the 098. NHS : GP mystery like low hanging fruit before deciding that I had just enough time to look for the Yabadabadoo on Small Mountains mystery. This was a DNF last time out and if I could find it, it would be a resus.šŸ˜€ Luckily the coords and the cryptic hint were spot on. I now qualify for a Resuscitation cache somewhere.šŸ¤”

1 Earthcache 1 Letterbox 2 Traditional 3 Mystery 4 Multi