4. Nov, 2020

Ashes to Ashford

This week, I want to increase the number of Virtuals and 1/1s towards some challenge caches. I had a plan to go down to the Folkestone area and work my way up through Ashford and into Maidstone. However I had to be back for one so here’s how things went.

I drove down the M20 and turned off into Newington. I drove up the steep hill following the GPS towards the coords for the Overview (Kent) Virtual. As dawn broke, I scanned the coast before looking over the vast Chunnel terminal and its busyness. I emailed the answer to the CO and set off back down the hill into the village.

I quickly found the CM trad and drove out of the village into Sandling for the easy ST trad. I was on a bit of a trad mission on my way into Ashford. I found Trickies TB Hotel #2 on the way to the ST Westenhanger. From there, I passed through Stanford, Smeeth, Mersham and Willsborough to pick up their CM caches.

I had never been to Ashford before and I got lost a couple of time trying to get near to my first port of call. I parked up in a Lidl which had a parking charge which was waived on a purchase. I bought some fruit which gave me a couple of hours ”free” parking.

I spent some time at the 1/1 Ashford‘s Mark IV Female Tank virtual. I don’t know how you sex a WW1 tank, I am none the wiser, but this is a magnificent beast, the only one outside a museum globally. I found one of my favourite coffee shops so stopped for breakfast.

The main reason for visiting Ashford apart from the two Virtuals was its richness in 1/1 caches. I quickly found A-Z and Royal Box before heading down to the magnificent Ashford‘s Hubert Fountain virtual. After sending the answers to the CO, I walked the short distance to the 5/5 Pants on Fire, a Liar cache.🥴

I was now on a 1/1 hunt following the Remembering Childhood Memories series. Unfortunately three of them were off playing “hide and seek” never to be found so I had to make do with just one.☹️ I finished off my morning’s work with the CM Ashford ~ Baptist and  Ashford ~ St Francis.

2 Virtual 15 Traditional