7. Nov, 2020

No Bow By Here

The only Bromley that I have visited is Bromley-by-Bow in East London. Well I say, visited, I have stopped there many time on the District Line tube going into the City. In fact, it’s the last stop overground before it goes underground, if you get my drift.🤔

The Bromley that I‘m visiting this morning is in Kent, or is it Greater London? I get confused by  these boundary changes. I parked up next to St Church and quickly found the CM 1/1 trad. In the church yard is a splendid War Memorial and I used info gleaned from here to work out the coords to the WM multI. However I missed a comma and I wasted a lot of time here going backwards and forwards. On the way back from the successful visit, I found the well placed VH trad.

I left this neck of the woods and drove down to CM Bromley Common ~ Baptist where I had an easy find of the mystery. Just down the road was the trad T&J’s No2. Skym Corner. This 1/1 was in full view of local houses but it was still early so no overlooking eyes.

The next stop was down at the VS Bromley. I worked out the coords and had a quick find at the final stage. Back at the car, I noted a trad CW1. The Beginning within yards of the sign. I‘m trying to ignore 1/1s unless they are series caches but this was a definite “silly not to”.

Only half a mile up the road was WM Crofton ~ St Paul’s multi in the churchyard. One of the question items was in the darkness and both my torch batteries were found to be dead.🤬🤬. I had to leave this for another time but all was not lost as the final of the CM mystery was just up the street and quickly found.

I drove down into Farnborough and picked up the 1/1 Strawberry Fields...Forever trad. I carried on for a hundred yards and sorted out the coords for the VH. However I was running short of time and the final was slightly off route so I saved it for another day. I did go for the CM Farnborough mystery which was a quick find. I was struck by the WM ~ Farnborough in the churchyard so I decided to go for the multi.

I finally found all the answers and as a scout, the memorial to the scoutmaster was particularly moving. One thing that struck me was that each memorial in the wall noted the theatre of war where the servicemen died. I’m not sure that I’ve seen that before. I struggled in the search area but I eventually spotted the well hidden cache. It was now time for home. 

3 Multi 3 Mystery 5 Traditional