11. Nov, 2020

Local Lockdown #1

Boris has spoken and we are now in lockdown. 🤔 I’m not sure of the actual details so I decided to stay local today. A few miles away in Orsett was the Dino Dash (A1-to-8), a mini series of eight trads and then a bonus so I thought I’d give this ago.

It was a straightforward linear cache and dash route down unfamiliar lanes. All the caches were based on prehistoric monsters like the Pterodactyl in the photo. The bonus was just down the road from #8 so no backtracking.😀

I had decided to have a look for CM - North Stifford so once I had negotiated Bulphan and Orsett, I parked up in a lay-by just down the road from the church. The 3/2 trad was difficult and I did text the CO for a hint but luckily found it as soon as I’d pressed the send button. 

My last cache of the day was the easy Any Which Way (but loose) trad about two hundred yards away from the church. It only took me fifteen minutes to get home.

1 Mystery 10 Traditional