16. Nov, 2020

Baddow Buildings

I’m trying to adhere to this lockdown so have driven twenty minutes up the A130 into Great Baddow to have a go at the Baddow Buildings Adventure Labs series. I parked up just down from the old Baddow Brewery at dawn and started pounding the streets looking at the old buildings. I was really surprised to find that there are well over two hundred listed buildings here. 

I found the information on the first four buildings quite easily only to discover that the last building was nearly a mile away at the former WW2 Radar Tower, formerly part of the Chain Home network in Canewdon, Essex. On a point of order, M’Lud, this is a structure not a building.🤔 Anyway, I had all the info for the bonus mystery which thankfully was not far down a nearby muddy track.

When I checked my list, I found that I’d walked past two trads on the way down to the tower so on the way back, I picked up BlackKnight’s 100th Trail #3 : Hole in the Wall and Running Water Underneath #1 : Micro.

Back in the car, I embarked on a series of drive-bys trads starting with Doodle Bug, another welcome addition to my Bug Challenge. Next up was On My Way Home : Bear Right. I had been here before but the car in front pulled into the lay-by and I had to give it a literal swerve. There was no problem this time.

I was now on the way home but decided that there might be time for the 3/2.5 trad - Rushing Water Underneath #2 : The Secret Copse. First I had to find somewhere to park and I took the chance in a farm entrance. I ran down the fields to the search area and luckily had a quick find. I ran all the way back and was relieved to find that I hadn’t been blocked in by a tractor.

I had a try for two more of the On My Way Home series trads on my home but Mighty Oaks was missing and I didn’t hold much hope at The Three Compasses as it had had a few DNFs. However it was good to finish the day with a find. 

1 Mystery 5 AdLabs 7 Traditional