19. Nov, 2020

Leeds Castle

I had decided to come back to this part of Kent to pick up where I had left off a couple of weeks ago. The main target was the Virtual at Leeds Castle but I was starting off in the small village of Hollingbourne which had a new Adventure Labs series.

I parked up at first light near the first stage of the Adlabs near the VS multi which was quickly achieved. I tackled the rest of the AdLabs as a cache & dash but I picked up the trads WM, the CM and the 2.5/2 Hollingbourne Meadows #2 - The Post on the way. Once I had all the info for the 3/2.5 AdLabs Mystery, I realised that I would quite a walk to the final stage. After negotiating the muddy track, I had a quick find of the well hidden cache.

After finishing up in this village, I set off for my main target of the day. I parked up in the carpark of Leeds Church where I soon found the CM multi. I had quite a long walk along the footpaths across the grounds of the Castle. I soon spotted what the CO was after sent off the info and claimed the cache. 

Back at the car, it was a very short drive to the VS multi. This one was cleverly placed and took a little while to spot. I set off for the village of Langley looking for the VS multi but on the way, I picked the very welcome 1/1 End of the line plus three other trads. 

With the multi in hand, I drove down to the splendidly named village of Broughton Monchelsea. There was a trad, Virtual and a CM multi here. I parked up in the Church carpark and walked down to the Church. I worked out the info for the multi and then gazed out over the deer park, amazed at the huge numbers of deer. I worked out the requirements for the Go and see the deer Virtual and posted it to the CO. There was also a well hidden trad Deerly Beloved in the churchyard which I eventually found. 

The search area for the multi was back near where the car was parked. I quickly found the cache but as I was signing the log sheet a car pulled up and the occupant walked passed me. He asked what I was doing so I told him. He said that he had heard of geocaching and his wife was keen for them to try it. However he was too busy with his duties as Church Warden. He was opening up the church for a funeral that afternoon.

I had now run out of time and it was time to hit the road, Jack. I had achieved quite a lot during the morning.

1 Mystery 2 Virtual 5 Adventure Labs 6 Multi 7 Traditional