23. Nov, 2020

Gravesend - 22nd November

I was going to Gravesend early doors this morning but my first stop was the first stop was the CM multi at Rosherville - St Marks. Just down the road was another CM at Northfleet - Gospel. I worked out the coords and set off to the search area. It was a clever hint but the cache was soon spotted. As I was signing the log sheet, I noticed that I was being watched by a chap in a camper van who was drinking tea. I thought it best that I explained myself and as I approached, I noticed that he wouldn’t get to reach the cache so I told him I was geocaching and moved on.

I had worked out the coords for the Mystery CM Gravesend- Baptist some time ago and this was on my list. I found a parking space near the search area and quickly added this one to the morning’s tally. I walked up to the multi CM at St George’s and after saying hallo to Pocahontas in the church yard, set about sorting out the coords. Luckily the search area was back near the car was parked.

I was after the EC at the Jubilee Clocktower and this was my introduction to Dumfries Sandstone. I gathered what was hopefully enough info to satisfy the CO before walking down to the trad Gurdwara Nano. This was cunningly placed but I had enough geocaching experience for this one.

I was running out of time and still had one biggie to find. However the Mystery CM St Paul’s - URC was on the way. It had taken me some time to get my head around this one but I had finally cracked it so I was pleased to get my hands on it.

The last one of the morning was the 4/3.5 Know Your Local Cacher Challenge. I had qualified for this one some time ago and as I was in the area, I had to find it. Luckily it was a quick find and I was on my way home.

1 Earthcache 1 Traditional 2 Mystery 3 Multi