26. Nov, 2020

Dawdling Round Dunmow

I was in Great Dunmow this morning to try out the Dunmow Dawdle series of trads. This was a circular series of eighteen caches starting at a well known supermarket with a Costa and three hours free parking.🤔 These had been set by Runaround whose series in Hatfield Forest had been voted one of the best in the country so I know this was going to be good.

There were some cunning custom caches on the way round but I dipped out on just one - By The Babbling Brook. In my defence, the GPS was jumping around and I was running out of time. The recent rain had filled the brook and it was indeed babbling.

Just to add, the trad CM at Little Easton was placed between #12 and #13 of the Dawdle. I had previously found this one when it was listed under its alternative name for the village - Estaines Parva.

After breakfast in Costa (well, eat outside as it was takeaway only), I drove into the town centre and found thirty minutes free parking at the trad CM Great Dunmow - URC. After a quick find here, I walked down to No 5 Dunmow Trail - The Rev Edward Noel Mellish. Now this multi was a real treat as the Reverend won the VC in WW1 when as a front line clergyman, he saved the lives of wounded servicemen stranded in “no man’s land”.

After finding this well placed cache, I nipped up to the High Street to gather the info for the multi CM Great Dunmow - The Ark. When I got back to the car, I had a few minutes to run down to No 7 Dunmow Trail - Bypass Flyover. After quickly signing the trad log, I ran back to the car and I was still within my time. All I had to do now was get home within my allotted time.🤔

1 Multi 20 Traditional