29. Nov, 2020

The Crays

The Crays, that cluster of villages on the Kent/Greater London border not those nice boys, Ronnie and Reggie who ruled the East End in the late fifties and sixties. My Nan lived in Stepney Green not far from The Blind Beggar pub where one of them wreaked revenge on Jack “The Hat” McVitie. Although the Krays were absolute barstards, there was no petty crime during their ”reign” so my Nan called them “such nice boys”.

I started the day early at the CM - Baldwyns Park. I hadn’t heard of this place before but it’s  tucked between Bexley and Maypole.🤔 This was a well thought out multi with an easy find at the final. Next up was in Bexley, another CM but this time a Letterbox at St Mary’s. I had worked out the puzzle at home and was sure that I‘d cocked it up when I got to the search area. However once I read the hint, I quickly spotted the sneakily hidden cache.

I drove down the A223 and parked up outside the CM North Cray - Riverway. This was an easy trad and then I crossed over the road and into the churchyard of St James’s Church. There were two multis here, a WM and a CM. I worked out the CM first and then the WM. The latter was the easiest to go for as I also had plans on FCM #11 - Five Arches Bridge, another multi in Foots Cray Meadows.

The WM was an easy find and then I made my way to the bridge. This multi could also have been a FYI but it wouldn’t have made the search for the dog collar cache nestling in an ivy thicket!🤬 As I was on the point of giving up, I spotted the little blighter.😀

I made my way back towards the church for the CM but this was another elusive cache. I must have brushed its hiding place a dozen times but I finally dug deeper that should have been necessary to locate the cache.

These late dawns are playing havoc with my caching time and I had one more to get before heading for home. I had solved the Mystery CM Foots Cray - Baptist at home and luckily I had a very quick find to round off the morning.

1 Letterbox 1 Mystery 1 Traditional 4 Multi