2. Dec, 2020

I’ve Seen The Thatcher’s Arms

I’m still on the track of Virtuals and 1/1s and there’s one Virtual up at the Saffron Walden Turf Maze that is sticking out like a sore thumb on my list. Walden also has a new Adventure Labs series so that’s another reason to visit this historical old town. I had visited this place many times before and knew where there was free parking.😀

So I parked up about twenty minutes before dawn and walked over to the maze. This is the largest example of its type in the world and takes a mile of walking to complete. Part of the task is to record the time to walk the course and it took me seven minutes.🤔

I started on the The Wombles on Tour - Will Bert Remember AdLabs and found that there was so much about this place that I didn’t know about. I visited the amazing Bridge End Gardens as part of the tour and whilst I was in there I did the multi where I picked up a TB, silly not too! I struggled to find the required info to complete the Tour at the Cross Keys Pub but eventually found it hidden behind a pub poster. Luckily the Mystery bonus was just down the road. However I could undo it - was it seized or frozen, I don’t know but sent a photo to the CO to claim the cache.

With business almost done in the town, I had to pick up the 1/1 trad Her majesty‘s secret road cache on the way out to complete what I wanted to do here.

My next step was another historic town - Thaxted. There was another AdLabs series here, A Stroll Around Thaxted, again with a Mystery bonus. I parked up outside CM Thaxted - URC where I had an easy (for an Infinson cache🤔) find of the trad. I began the Stroll looking for other caches as I went.

I joined the long list of DNFs at the trad CM Thaxted - Baptist and then continued up the hill to sort out the VS multi. I could see that the final for this one was on the outskirts of town so I left this for later. I continued my Stroll until I had enough info for the bonus and then set off for the final. On the way, I saw a couple of Thatchers at work. This is not a sight you see every day so I asked their permission for a photo.

With the AdLabs bonus in the bag, I set off back to the car. I drove out to the final of the VS multi for an easy find and I realised that I was near enough to the 4/2.5 Mystery 100 Years Of The RAF - Blenheim. This was one of the fiendish series put out by Infinson so I didn’t hold out much hope. I managed to park up on the side of a lane about one mile from the final and tramped over the muddy fields to get there. There wasn‘t a hint and after spending about thirty minutes peering into bushes each side of the footpath, I had to call it a day. It’s never ideal finishing on a DNF.🙁

1 Virtual 2 Multi 2 Mystery 2 Traditional 10 Adventure Labs